From : "Brian Udoff"
To :,
CC :
Subject : Walton Academic Bowl Website - CHANGES
Date : Wed, 17 Apr 2002 07:27:05

If you have noticed, there have been several changes on the website, all of which were executed by me.

I have changed the account information and password because I feel that the site has been neglected - for what reasons, I don't know. I'm certain that you both had good intentions for the site, but in the end, I feel that it was simply cosmetically overhauled in spite of the fact, known or not, that the space required by the photos did not allow for fancy web design. We now have a situation where the site is operating at about 125% of its maximum capacity. Freeservers is not happy. I understand now why the site may not have been updated, but to do nothing about it for almost a year is simply negligent.

It was not my intention to delete the index file, but merely to add an additional entry detailing what I am saying here. When the file couldn't be uploaded, I tried to delete the index and then upload it fresh. But the site won't let me upload anything until we go back below 100% of our alloted space. (We're over it due to changes in FS policy.) So I've deleted the graphics section and I'm going to attempt to put some of the newer photos through Photoshop in order to make them a bit leaner, hopefully at minimum expense of quality. If this isn't enough, I suppose the trophycase may have to either go or be stored on a separate site. Until then, the site is going to be in this aesthetically unpleasing rut. I'm sorry, but unless you have a better solution, I'm going to exercise my right as owner; I don't like interfering, but at this point, I think that holding a precedent of responsible management of the site takes priority. When someone is willing to handle that from Walton, I'll pass along the reins again.

We've had practically no new content since I've left. Even some of the newer photos were put in by either me or Jonathan. Errors that could've been easily corrected (like putting photos and/or pages in the wrong place) were not dealt with promptly or at all. On top of that all, I specfically left a great deal of archival work unfinished (parts of the wall are still unscanned; none of the old yearbooks have even been looked at) and do you really believe that only a handful of pictures were taken in the last two years? Part of the responsibility of the job is also taking the time to track down photos people have recently taken and borrow them for scanning.

All I've seen is a design overhaul which I've heard was code stolen from other sites and it essentially was used as a vehicle to promote the Commoners website. Again, none of this is wrong, except that nothing else happened. I don't even know if you guys are still supposed to be in charge of the site, it's been so long since anything has happened.

Well, I'm getting tired of typing, and I think I've stated my points clearly enough. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Feel free to tell Mrs. Martin this - but only on the condition that you give her a copy of the e-mail in its entirety as well.

When someone is ready to work on the site, let me know and I'll send along the password. Otherwise, let's ditch the Historian position and leave the site as an archive. It's better than promising updates that don't occur.

Until then,
Brian Udoff

*Note from Mike: Contrary to popular belief, NO CODE WAS STOLEN AT ALL for the academic bowl website, & i created all the images myself...... however, every other allegation that udoff says is pretty much true.*