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most of the CDs in my collection are burned, except for most of the punk albums. reason being, CDs cost too much money and there is so much music that i want that its easier for me to just download and burn. i still try to support the artists that i like by buying t-shirts or going to their concerts and whatnot. if you want a copy of any of the CDs in my collection, please email me at or message me on AIM at: mike tyson sez. it would be ideal to set up a trade (and if you have a list of your CD collection online, it will make it easier). if you dont have anything that i want, then please supply me with a blank CD-R to burn the album onto. if you do not live in my immediate vicinity, then there are 2 options. 1) mail me a blank CD-R and $1 (for the price of the CD-R) along with a return address so that i can send the CD back to you.  2) i will upload the album onto one of many ftp sites that i frequent, and then you can d/l the album from that ftp site and burn it yourself. i will give you all the necessary info for that. regular (album) CD's are what i am always trying to find the most, so check back on my CD's list frequently to see what new CD's i have acquired.



by bootlegs, i mean (non-official) recorded concerts. to the extent of my knowledge all of my bootlegs were mastered on minidisc (except for the stereolab concert, which was mastered on a tape recorder). some of the concerts i recorded myself, others i found online. the sound qualities for the bootlegs vary, although they are all good enough to listen to. same rules apply for bootlegs as they do for CD's. please read above.



these mixes are ones that i have done myself and ones that others have given me. please visit this page for more information on the mixes.



as of right now, im not too sure what im going to be doing about my vinyl collection. i have just started, so i dont have that many records. it is possible for me to transfer vinyl records onto my computer and burn an album for you, but that is a lot of work, and it may be more logical to just d/l an already digital copy of the album online and burn it. however, if i ever come across something rare on vinyl that cannot be found on tape/cd, then i will be more than happy to transfer it to digital format. again, same rules apply for vinyl as they do for CD's. check back on the vinyl page as well because i am rapidly trying to create a vinyl collection.