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5.20.01 | News and other crap of the sort
The Commoner's website will not be updated for the next week or two. Everyone in here has finals and other nonsensical hubbabub to worry about. Therefore, no one will probably have any free time to start a new poll, put up any new articles, or put any news up. The week after that, ÜberMike will probably be cooped up in a little hole in his house playing computer games 24/7 - therefore abandoning all responsibilities and other necessities such as eating, bathing, sleeping, etc. etc. But after that, we'll be back to schedule here...In case you haven't already found out yet, Friedman's website, Nifty Inc. is no more (even though the link still works). Instead, you will be forwarded to his new and improved website T-Minus. He found out a little while ago that it was illegal to put a copyright on something that is not legally copyrighted (oops). So now he has changed from Nifty Inc. into T-Minus. Be sure to check it out. Also, we will probably be uploading all of the files that makes up the Commoner's website onto Friedman's server. So basically we'll be backing this place up with a mirror site (most likely The Commoner's at T-Minus - don't click that yet, it doesn't work). And we could even have a third mirror site on Mr. E's server! Not that it matters anyways, because we never have that much traffic coming through here. But maybe there will be that one day when Tripod's servers just die on us and the world ends. Where are you going to read up on the latest Commoner's news? Why at T-Minus & the Mike is Game website of course!

5.11.01 | News and other crap
It turns out that ÜberMike's Music Midtown pictures were utterly horrible. Everything is pitch black - even the pictures that were taken during the afternoon. Also, it should have come to no surprise that he wouldn't be able to get any shots of Bob Dylan or Patti Smith standing far far away. About the only good pictures in the bunch are a pic of Patti Smith on the big screen at the 96 Rock Stage, and a pic of Robby flicking off the camera as Ernest Everhard stands in the background. However, if you want to see about 25 pics of a bunch of potheads dancing around & wincing at the flash of ÜberMike's camera, just ask...Friedman has written a new article - has it almost been a month since we've written one?! Check it out to see what he thinks of 'Robo-Dogs'.

5.10.01 | The Daphne Blake Conversation
Well, apparently the Daphne Blake conversation that we posted as the quote of the day has spawned more talk and rabble about sex with cartoon characters. Check out the message board for a thread about this subject in which Friedman claims to have the real version of the conversation. Also, check out the new poll question - "If you were a cartoon, would you have sex with Daphne Blake?" If you respond with the choice 'I prefer Scooby', we probably have a good idea of who you are. *cough* Friedman *cough*... Also, I wonder what Cool Papa Bell (Scooby Doo expert formerly going by the pseudonym 'Daphne Blake') has to say about this.

5.8.01 | More Comics by Mr. E
Yes, me, Mr. E has brought you more comics. I've asked around a little, and some people either love it or hate it, most people seem to think it's pointless and very stupid, I agree. =)  Well, If you like pointless stuff, then go and see it.. and of course, remember, the whole site is probably pretty pointless. Go to the comic page here.

5.5.01 | Music Midtown
Reviews of the performances of Music Midtown on Friday will be posted soon. The pix that ÜberMike took are getting developed, and as soon as they come back, the pictures, as well as an article, will be posted. If you went to Music Midtown and want to share your experiences of what you saw there, just email us or leave something on the message boards. 

Friedman and Pratik saw:  

  1. Our Lady Peace
  2. The Offspring
  3. (about 30 min. of) Bob Dylan

Mike, Al, and Robby saw:

  1. Talib Kweli
  2. Patti Smith
  3. (about 1 hour & 45 min. of) Bob Dylan

.3.01 | New Crap
Mr. E has added a new comic page, which is listed on the media page, with one comic strip on it, and he added the word 'krausify' on the lexicon.

(Ed. note: Damn good comix from Mr. E in the tradition of "Dilbert", "Get Fuzzy", "Rhymes with Orange", "The Lockhorns", "The Boondocks", and "Robotman". Don't even pretend like you don't read the comix...)

5.2.01 | News, rumors, and other crap
There is a new poll to vote for on the Speak up page. Tell us what you think of the idea of 'fish on a stick'...The two new members of the Commoner's Newsletter should be joining soon, and their member pages will be posted... Also, if all goes well, the Hip Hop Club and Amnesty sponsored Fundraiser should take place in the next two week. Be on the lookout for more details.

4.29.01 | Site changes
If you have looked at the counter at the bottom of the main page of the Commoner's, you will probably see a huge spike jump in the number of visitors. Don't be alarmed or think that we are just adding arbitrary numbers. We have changed the counter from a 'visit counter', which increments only once when a visitor comes to the page, to a 'hit counter', which increments one every time a page in the website is accessed. This change is mainly just so I can see which page(s) on the Commoner's is most popular and try to update that more often...Also, we now have an official Commoner's Radio web page. Go there to learn more. The radio broadcast has been changed from a 'live broadcast' to the 'basic broadcast'. Now you can listen  to it 24/7. On the Commoner's Radio info page, we have listed ways to listen to Commoner's Radio & have also put up the current playlist. Visit the Media page to learn more.

4.27.01 | Rumors, new members, news, and other crap
Well, the fundraiser between the Hip Hop Club and Amnesty International has hit a rut (for the moment). We cannot proceed any further until we resolve one issue - lyric content. Until we resolve this crucial and hotly debated issue, we have to put the project on ice. More updates will be provided later. In the meantime, visit the official Hip Hop webpage that Ernest Everhard made...2 new member pages have been added - the Archbishop's and ~Kain~'s. Also, 2 new people are planning on becoming Commoner's members. That should bring the total count up to 12 if I'm not mistaken. We've made some nice progress...The message boards have finally been used somewhat. Right now, a current thread has been dedicated to music. Go start your own or add your own comments to the music thread...A new word has been added to the Commoner's Lexicon - "archaeologize." Why don't you go and archaeologize the meaning of that word?"

4.25.01 | Rumors
Rumors are floating around Walton that something big is about to happen. In all of Walton High School history, nothing like this has been attempted. Together, the Walton HS Amnesty International Student Group is going to team up with the Hip Hop Club and bring to Walton the first annual Freestyle (rapping) and break dancing contest. (Basically, the equivalent of a charity rock concert.) Partial proceeds will benefit AI, and the rest going to the HHC. Stay on the lookout for more details and be sure to check out for info being released on this website, the Walton High School website, the Hip Hop Club website (still in construction), school, the morning announcements, AI, and HHC meetings. More rumors will be leaked during the next two weeks.

4.23.01 | New poll
There is a new poll on the Speak up page for you to participate in. If you went to the Walton Senior Prom on Saturday at the Galleria or want to pretend like you did, be sure to check it out. Remember, vote only once a day!

4.21.01 | New Article
ÜberMike as written a new article proclaiming why he and Greg Leo deserve to be co-historians again for Academic Bowl (although it's a bit late now to vote) and why, contrary to popular belief, they are not that lazy. 

4.20.01 | New feature & article
Take a look above. That is our 'quote of the day'. Every day it will change and a new one will appear. It will be a permanent fixture on this page, so check back to see if a new one has appeared. If you would like to send your own, or your favorite quote, email us, and we'll put it in the queue to be put on the page...ÜberMike has written a new article discussing the short but great career of the underground ska/punk band Choking Victim. See how you too can have fun with choking victims!

4.18.01 | News
Greg is planning on printing up the Commoner's Newsletter within the next two days. It will be the last time that the Commoner's Newsletter is printed in paper form this year. He is planning on making around 100 copies and is planned to rival the Centurion in readers. If you want to have your article put in the next addition, please email us at and we will see if we can get your article in by the deadline. Since there will be so many copies, you will have no excuse for not reading the Commoner's Newsletter!

4.18.01 | New articles
We have 4 new articles. Cool Papa Bell (formerly going by the name "Daphne Blake") has written a biting satire on the way kids think and feel nowadays. ÜberMike has written two more crap articles that serve no other purpose than wiping your butt for; and we have a submitted article from David A. that alludes to many things (see if you can look deeper into the story).

4.17.01 | News & New Members
The Commoner's Newsletter website has a new feel, texture, and look. It took a couple of days, but now the website is up and running. Most of the changes are minor and deal with the layout of the page, but have fun and peruse the site carefully. Along with the new website design, we have a new Commoner's member. You may remember Kain from other articles that he has written for us in the past. It is only logical that he would want to join the Commoner's Crew. A good way to start off a new dawn of TCN.